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  1. M

    Understanding of Thermal metrics of PCB, heatsinks, How heat flows/converts - Books recommendation

    If i can't ask these kind of book recommendations here please suggest another forum. I want to understand more about Thermal metrics of PCB (Like how traces, Vias, planes etc interact thermally how they will get cooled), Heat sinks designing (like Fin structure, spacing, materials how they will...
  2. T

    an E-reader that support Electronics engineering ebooks(equations, graphs)?

    Buying many hardcopies does not arrange me and using computer for reading engineering books does not help my eyes, after I looked on Quora and google about a good E-ink reader that is supporting Engineering eBook in pdf and healthy for the eyes, do any of you my fellow engineers use such...
  3. M

    Which electronics book should I buy?

    Hey everyone, So I'm 15 and have been doing electronics for about 2 years now as a hobby and I want to go further and try learn more about this amazing subject. I'm torn between 2 books however: "The Art of Electronics: 3rd Edition" "Practical Electronics for Inventors" Which would you say is...
  4. LearningAboutTech

    Collection of Electrical Test Equipment Recently Acquired

    My partner and I recently acquired a very large collection of electrical test equipment. (See the attached photos) The man who originally amassed this collection had a deep appreciation and understanding of antique and modern electronics, utilized ample funds to purchase and collect unique...