Recomendations for purchase of pcb modules overseas

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Hello everyone,
I am after some recommendations for where to buy reasonable priced pcb modules overseas. Types of modules I am after include I/O expander boards, hx711 amplifiers and rfid boards. I have trawled the likes of alibaba, but I would like to buy from reputable manufacturers/retailers instead.



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While there may appear to be hundreds of China and/or Asian based dealers, in fact most of the names seem to be just facades. Google and raving reviews mean nothing. In other words, it is a lottery.

I have had relatively good luck with non-electronic parts. For electronics, LCD's and speed control /PWM modules have worked.


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The companies that advertise on alibaba and aliexpress will sell to you directly. Although I would recommend going through alibaba at least initially so you can take advantage of the trade assurance service (get your money back if the order isn't right), until you have vetted the companies to your satisfaction. The products and prices advertised on those sites are just options, you can contact the companies directly and negotiate prices, different options for what you're buying, etc.. They can then send you an order contract via alibaba, and from there you can accept and pay through alibaba. I don't think they will do this if you're buying one or two of anything, but if you're buying hundreds or thousands they are usually happy to work with you.