Ready to cut the internet coax cable?

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Just read that Verizon is going to start offering 5G Home wireless internet on October 1st in selected areas.
This uses their new 5G cell network to provide high speed internet in your house using a cell signal modem (typically providing around 300Mbps throughput).
Supposedly it will cost $50/month if you are already a Verizon customer.

I'm more than ready to make the cut since my internet-only cable cost has gone from $50/mo to 65/mo after a Spectrum merger with Time Warner a few years ago (and that's using my own modem).
I love how these mergers are always touted (by the merging companies) as saving the customer money, but invariably the first thing that happens after a merger is that the charge to the consumer goes up for whatever service the merged company is providing. :mad:
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Interesting. My current T-mobile plan slows down my data after 2Gb but I could change that. It would cost a lot less than my Spectrum bill. It might be good enough. Hmmm....


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I haven't seen a coax being used by ISPs in my area in many years ... I have an optic fiber connection, but with only 10Mbps ... I could upgrade it to 200 Mbps, but I found out that I don't need more than what I have at this moment.


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Will the data rate be sufficient for you needs?
Do you do any video, such as Netflix, from your internet?
I recently cut the tv cord and watch Netflix using my iPhone (LTE) with no issues. I use Appletv to watch Netflix on big screen. I can also stream video from my iPhone to appletv and display on big screen.



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Will the data rate be sufficient for you needs?
Do you do any video, such as Netflix, from your internet?
I do occasionally watch streaming content. My Spectrum hookup is 50Mbps I think, and that does a pretty darn good job.

4G LTE can theoretically deliver 300Mbps but the reality is something less. I just tested my laptop, connected to Spectrum by way of my wireless router, and got 45Mbs on the Ookla speed test. My iPhone, with wireless off to force a two-bar, LTE cell connection, gave me 71.3Mbps (using the Ookla app). With wireless back on, it reports 22Mbps.

So I'm already getting better speed on my phone than on my home wifi network. That doesn't address reliability, but it's interesting. I'm paying something like $60/mo for cable internet. That would buy a lot of data.