SMD ESP8266 relay board check to see if ready for pcb+assembly

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Hey all I have finished my design of my 2-relay board that I will be using in my car to turn on monitors.

I've been all around this design making sure everything is connected but I would like to have others who are more knowable on these things to lend a hand and let me know if the design is good or something needs to be changed/corrected/orientation.

I will be ordering the PCB + assembly service from JLCPCB and its around $60 for 2 of them so I want to make sure my design will work as I do not have any parts to build a prototype. I have all the correct JLC parts listed for each of the components and all that looks good when using the BOM and P&P files on the JLCPCB site - all in stock.

I have attached my Kicad schematic and board layout for easier viewing but also have attached images of the schematic and board.

Please look it over and let me know if something needs to be changed or anything really! A little nervous about not being correct!:oops: