Reading DC Amperes

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Hi All,
So I have (with much help) created a DC boost circuit discussed here

This is my circuit

So I have two multimeters. I have a UEI brand DM383B and also a GE2524. Both have settings and probe locations for measuring DC amperes of up to 10A. I understand that I should disconnect the positive connection from supply to load. Connect my meter's positive probe to the now available supply positive and then the negative meter probe to the positive load lead. Leaving the negative supply to negative load as is (fully connected with nothing between). I get a zero on both meters and the load does not become active. What in the world is going on?

Thank You, John


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I could well be that the meter fuse is blown, but first go back a little, is the red positive lead in the 10A socket, and the black negative lead in the com socket with the setting knob set to DC 10A?


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It has already been said.

Is the Red meter lead in the A spigot?
Is the internal 10A fuse blown?

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Yeah, I am using the meter properly I just have this amazing knack for overlooking the completely obvious. Both fuses in the GE meter were blown and just the larger fuse in the UEI meter was blown. They be measuring amps now!

Thank you very much, John