Read config MP2949A

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Hi every one!

How to read the configuration bits from this IC MP2949A (via USB to PC).
IC MP2949A have a two pin SDA_P & SCL_P - its IIC?
USB -> UART -> IIC ? Or USB -> IIC (witch IC)?

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Your requirements are a little sketchy but an Arduino of some kind, maybe a nano could do this pretty cleanly. It has a USB port that looks like a serial port to a PC and can talk to an I2C device pretty simply. Arduino's can be had for a few bucks even on Amazon, the development software is free and its likely that you can find some software online that is close enough that you could tweak it to solve your specific problem in short order. Its a nice solution to these kind of little problems.

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Thanks for the answer.

I have an Arduino DUE and I connect Arduino to MP2949 with SDA/SCL and power (+3.3V / Gnd).

Default MP2949 address is 0x20h ?

Its from datasheet:

"PMBus Address
To support multiple VR devices used with the same PMBus interface, there is a PMBus address for every device. The PMBus address is a 7-bit code. The MSB 3-bit is set up by the register, and the lower 4-bit address can either be set up by the register or the resistor. The register SHUTLEVEL_ADDRPMBUS (E1h[6:0]) and ADDR_P can be used to program the
PMBus address (see Figure 2). Use two resistor dividers connected from VDD18 and ground to get the setting voltage for the corresponding address. Table 2 explains how the PMBus address is set by the external voltage with the default E1h[6:4] = 010 b. The default setting on the external resistor is Ra = NS and Rb = 0Ω, where the default PMBus address is 20h. "

Should I connect the resistors Ra and Rb or will the address be 0x20h without them?