re-purposed power supply and a small fridge that is powered by 12vDC

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I have a power supply that has two groups of wires one set is 12vDC out and known and the other set has 5 black and one brown wire ssadly one of the black wires is jumpered on the PCB to one of the black wires making the other 4 black wires potentially not ground as well. Using a multimeter how do I check to see which wire(s) are truly ground and therefore can be hooked up to wall current? The power supply came from a car battery charger/booster pack/shitty compressor for flat tires. I am trying to power a mini fridge that runs on 12vDC I guess after I hook it up to the powersupply in question I can read the outputs that are going to the fridge and then switch to a single power supply that uses one power supply not two but till then I am left with going the long way around. Unless anyone knows how I can test to see what the fridge needs without having it powered up in order to do so. Thanks