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Hello All,
I did this build around March and have been using The mower all summer.
Its built using a mobility chair. The parts acuired from the mobility chair include,
drive motors/tires
swivel wheels
Wire harness
would have also been batteries if they were still good.

This is the motor driver i used: https://www.dimensionengineering.com/products/sabertooth2x60
Then I had to buy 2 new 12v gel batteries
The main components required for the drive system is,
2) motor driver
3) Batteries
4) radio.
The sabertooth motor driver has built in servo signal reading capability in order to control the motors properly over a RC radio.

15.jpg 16.jpg 14.jpg 10.jpg 1.jpg 4.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 13.jpg


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i'm impressed :)

only downside i see here is dual system (batteries need charging)

when's the production run start? :)

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How did you tame the steering?
I have been playing with something like that.
I started out using tank type steering with 2 pots on the RC transmitter. It was in Rodeo mode!
I change to a 2 pot joystick mounted diagonally on the RC transmitter. It wasn’t much better.
I slowed the PWM to a crawl. Not so violent now but still very uncoordinated.
What algorithm are you using to control the steering?

Edited to say:
Maybe I can get some insight from the sabertooth documentation.
That kind of agrees with my next plan to set the speed of both wheels and just add or subtract a little from one wheel or the other for steering.

Edited more to say:
I just noticed that we are necro-posting. I thought I just saw another RC lawnmower similar to this.
Maybe he is still around.
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