Help with modification of automation robot kit ininto an automatic lawn mower

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Justin pinto

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I am planning to purchase this Automatic robot kit and modify it into a lawn mower robot of this kind Automatic lawn mower. The modification includes:
-Body (chassis) into a bigger one
-Bigger wheels
-Replacement of all the driving motors included in the kit with 12v gear motors
-Replacement of solar panel in the kit with 12v output panel
-Replacement of battery with 12v rechargeable battery
-Addition of another motor for grass cutting purposes

Is it possible to use the same configuration and electronics circuits and components provided in kit and make the listed changes?


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The first big challenge will be in the change to a 12 volt system with more powerful motors, because none of the control components will be able to handle the greater current of the more powerful motors.

Yes, I could rebuild an old Dodge Dart vehicle into a Corvette, but the effort and expense would be rather HUGE.

Possibly the control logic could interface with the new hardware to produce a lawnmower robot, and it is an interesting concept. You could do it, but the project would not be simple at all, nor would it be cheap.