Radio experimentation frequencies that do not require licensing.

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I have seen so many posts online where people with an interest in radio are experimenting in the wrong parts of the spectrum.

For those who enjoy radio and want to experiment without violating federal regulations, and without getting a ham license, below is a list of the frequencies you can use. I am excluding the RFID, ISM, CB, family and business bands, because even though they are license-free bands, the use of them requires type-accepted equipment and modifying those devices voids their type acceptance. There are unlicensed areas in the GHz as well, but experimenters don't start in the GHz, so, this is what you have to work with on a DIY level without type acceptance or licensing in the US.

LowFER - 1750 meter Band
160kHz - 190kHz
1W max power to antenna
Feed line and antenna total length under 15 meters

MedFER - AM Radio Band
510kHz - 1705kHz
0.1W max power
Max antenna length 3 meters

FM Broadcast Band
88MHz - 108MHz
Max power for this band is determined by field strength alone. The field strength at 3 meters must be 250 microvolts or less. Thats not much at all... Another important consideration is the aviation band directly above it. Any out-of-band emissions in that area can have life-threatening consequences.

This is what ham radio is about, a place to play with radio without getting into trouble. Get a ham license, learn the rules, then you can have a whole lot of fun. If you want to broadcast music to more than your house and never turn on a receiver, just get a podcast online lol.


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160-190K - wide public bradcasting range called Long Wawes.
510-1705K - public broadcasting range where everything is strongly licenced.
88-108M - all the local public radiostations have occypied each lovely Hertz, thus the stepping inside will cause the millionhead nuisance, claims, and imprizonment. Have knew one such guy. He was arrested in 3 hours after causing nuisance.

Here is link to trustworthy tables showing where the licence-free communication is legal and here completely illegal by the World States.

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everyone is responsible for checking rules in own region. as a kid i was making transmitters that would exceed the limits by a long shot. but i chalked it down as a research... one day couple of military vehicles including one with rotting antennas drove by. i gulped, and run to my lab to turn things off. 5min later they drove by again in the other direction but did not bother to stop by. after that i was much more observant of frequencies and power limits.