Questions on Bluetooth data transfer to a Microcontroller

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    Sep 3, 2016
    So I was working on a project where the goal was to be able to send an image from the gallery of an android phone that is paired through Bluetooth to a Microcontroller that would be hooked up to an LCD Display and would display the image. After conducting research on the capabilities of BlueTooth classic data and OBEX (object exchange), it was quite evident that there would be a need for a strong microcontroller and Bluetooth module in order to retain the best possible quality for the images. My first request would be any suggestions as to the best components to be used for such a project. This is a wearables project so I am trying to maintain the small and sleek design (whereas an Arduino Breadboard would be far too large). My second request would be if anyone can help guide me as to how to connect the module and the microcontroller (wiring). I have written an android application that I can successfully pair my Android phone to the BlueTooth Module but outside of Java, I need help connecting the microcontroller and module.

    I understand this may be quite broad and unspecific, but any guidance as to how to approach this would be appreciated.

    Currently these are the best components I have found and plan to use if there aren't any other suggestions:
    PIC32MZ2048EFH144 as the microcontroller and RN4677 as the BlueTooth Module