Questions about modding PC ATX power supply cable & power delivery effects over lengths ?

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Hello all ! I want to design a small form factor(SFF) case for my ITX pc.But I am hoping to mount it seperate from the case & at a distance. Something like a laptop power brick fashion & mount it on the underside of my desk. So the cable length will be at max ~ 2ft from PSU to my mobo in the SFF case.

So, my questions are:
1. How bad would be the effects of noise in the cables from psu to mobo ? Do I need shielding ?
2. Can I use a lower gauge / thicker wire on each of the voltage rails at the PSU and then distribute it at the mobo connectors ?
3. Precautions to discharge the capacitor: Should I get electrical isolating gloves ?


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Welcome to AAC!

1) DC power supply connections are usually, low voltage, 0Hz, low impedance. You do not need shielding.

2) Depends on the current, wire gauge, and distance. Wire length of 2ft does not present a serious problem for most PSU (power supply units).

Google current gauge chart to find your proper wire gauge.


3) No special requirements required. Hopefully you wouldn't die. Let us know if you do.