Questions about datapath

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I am trying to create a mips datapath however i have some questions, hopefully someone can answer

1)Control Signals for i type instructions addi,andi,ori
the signals with value of 1 are regdst,alusrc, regwrite and alup is 10, rest is zero

can anyone confirm if i am correct?


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For the most part, the control signals are controlling muxes (as well as other things), so whether they need to be a 1 or a 0 is dependent on which input signal to the mux needs to be passed through. For other things, it would depend on whether the signal is active-HI or active-LO. Your question assumes that we have a crystal ball and can peer at the particular implementation you have come up with, not to mention that we somehow magically know what your control signals mean and how they are used. Does that seem like a reasonable expectation on your part?


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I have that information tucked away in my MIPS database which is in the storage unit with all my other technical papers. Might be a while before I can get to it.