question for engineers about thair works

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    Aug 25, 2014
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    I Am Abhi doing Engineering in Electronics engineering. I have question for experienced engineers. If you will share your work experience. it will be grate help for fresher
    I am interested to know how you started your first job ,profession ,work , motivation

    some question for you

    1 how you started your first job?
    2 what is your job Title ?
    3 Describe your work ?
    4 which tools do you use in your work (hardware or software )
    5. what advice would you give to me as someone intersected in pursuing career path similar to your

    please explain little bit for fresher
  2. kubeek

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    Sep 20, 2005
    Its been two years a few weeks ago that I work in my first engineering job.
    My title is hardware designer, but we are not a very big company, so no multilevel titles or anything fancy.
    I design circuits and pcbs for mostly railway automation system. For example recently I did a 6x1Gbps ethernet switch. I also prepare the production test software and testbeds for the products i am reponsible for and decide how they will be tested for EMC and EMI. Also I do some simple CAD work for the sheet metal cases.
    The company uses Orcad for schematics and pcb, and Solidworks for making the cases and other models.
    My advice would be to get as broad knowledge as you can, and never stop learning. You should know a good bit of everything: analog, digital, computing, HDL, high frequency, power.. to get good at your work. Then specialize in what interests you most.
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  3. ScottWang


    Aug 23, 2012
    some question for you -- sounds like the teacher has a question for the students.

    3 Describe your work ? -- sounds like request to do, not asking.
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    Aug 25, 2014
    not necessary for everyone. Its your wish. If you want to tell about yourself.