Question to any embedded systems engineers out there using STM32 NUCLEO

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Hi all,

I have recently bought a STM32 NUCLEO Dev Kit and wondered is this what an actual Embedded Systems Engineer would use in industry when developing a product?

I'm using Kiel Uvision 5, STMCubeMX and STM32 ST-LINK Utility to develop certain projects. As I am used to using PIC and using registers like PORTA, OSCCON, TIMER0 etc, I see that Kiel Uvision 5 uses ready made functions like HAL_GPIO_TogglePin(.........) etc. Is this the usual way they do this in industry or work more directly with the registers?


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The answer is Yes and Yes.

Microchip PICs are so simple it is easy to write to hardware registers directly. You can also write in ASM if you choose to do so.

ARM architecture is much more complex than PICs. The hardware, clock speeds and instruction set is aimed at much higher performance.
It comes down to human productivity. Does the embedded systems engineer want to spend valuable time fiddling with registers or does the embedded systems engineer want to get a superior product to market as quickly as possible?