Question ! -Foot switch to turn off microphone

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Electric Al

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I want to make a foot pedal switch , to shut off a microphone !

I know what the wiring has to be , it has to short out between pin 2 and 3 on the XLR cable !

This I understand , but my question is , does it in anyway damage the amp ?

In other words is the microphone inlet normally closed , is it only active when an XLR connector is plugged into it ?

I hope I am explaining myself correctly !

Nick Bacon

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Not the greatest description but. In most cases the microphone port is an open circuit waiting for the microphone to be plugged in as with phones, stereos and computers.

If I were to approach this project, I would probably use a switch to break a contact rather than make one. Without knowing the internal wiring of the mic, it is difficult to say, most only have two wires. Decide which wire to break with the switch and experiment. Some miss have switches on them for just this purpose.


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Depending om the microphone/switch/amp positions, you might want the short the amp input so you don't have an antenna picking up noise on the open wires. Whether you can short the mic is an important question. What mic?