Question about driving motor


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It is the capstan motor from a Betamax VCR so it won't be intended for high speed , depending of course on what you mean by high speed.


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It appears to be a AC capstan motor, it most likely is a synchronous motor if used for a capstan.
I believe it is a permanent magnet DC motor with power supplied through the two tags at end opposite to the spindle. It has a tacho-generator or similar at the other end with four connections for speed control feedback.


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Thanks, but i need a circuit to drive it , where is the power pins of this motor ??

The two tags on the bottom are for power, the four with wires on are the speed feedback - the motor will work with no connection to those terminals. I don't know what voltage or current the motor needs but it will reverse ifyou reverse the power connections.


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Maybe sand filtering would be more effective if connecting rod were shock arresting and filter tray had hard
stops near each end of travel.

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I power it with 12 volts dc , his current consumption about 250 ma !!
Do you think it enough for moving a 15 kg of sand with slide crank mechanism???


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That is a DC motor powered by the two tabs at the bottom of the motor.
The four connections at the white connector is for the optical encoder. Two connections are for logic power and ground, the other two are for the quadrature encoder signals. It uses a motor PID controller to maintain a constant speed. The quadrature encoder is used for speed and position sensing.

This motor is not powerful enough for what you are trying to do.