Driving High Side NMOS Question

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So I'm working on an H-bridge but don't have any PMOS to use on the high side. I'll probably end up just ordering some and/or some new drivers, BUT I was wondering if I could emulate a high side driver using the circuit below. When the pulse goes high, Vcap becomes Vpwm + Vcc, and it drops to Vcc when the signal goes low. The pulses would be swapped on the other half.

Currently, I am using a pair of TC4424A and IRFZ24N FETs.

If there is a more appropriate way to use a charge pump in this instance, please let me know. Thank you!



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Even if the post #1 circuit worked in principle, most of the energy for charging the high-side FET gate capacitance would have to come from the non-inverted pulse source; which doesn't seem practical.