Question about Advanced System Design. Need help with the exams.

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I have an exam in a couple of days but I have nothing to study. The stuff we have to read is based on the theoretical part, not the practical.

All we have is some questions from last years exam. Any recommendations for some kind of tutorial video, sites or something of that sort that will help me get past this? Everything is on a very early, novice level. For example what are the S parameters, reading and describing transmission line circuits etc.

E.G. question of the exam.

Describe the circuit below.

Another E.G. question of the exam.

What are your conclusions of the below graph, based on the fact that the simulated circuit is a transmission line.

Thanks a lot for your time!

P.S. I manually translated the questions of the exams (original is in Greek) so they are a bit off. And I left out a few follow up questions.