Phantom 3 advanced battery question adding , re-charging , removing

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this is the battery i have and inside it ,, it looks like this with 4 cell packs each of them was 3.8v now.

now i need to break my question up here into parts.

Question about Adding more battery cells pack 1 or more

do note that each cell pack has - and + so this is how its connected
- +

now if i wanted to add more will their be a problem , do i just add a new cell pack and add to the current ones making sure placing - + right way around .


Question about removing 1 or 2 packs from current 4 packs.
1:normally they come with 4 packs u can de-solder them 1 by 1 and remove them , so if i removed one of them and then try to charge it will it still charge ? making sure that the flow of - and + is flowing and connected well.

or if i wanted to remove 2 and keep 2 can i do that will it charge still.


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You have a smart battery pack. The chips you see on the printed circuit board make it smart. They look at a number of things like temperatures and make determinations for charge rates. The board looks at what the output of the cells should be. My advice here is real simple, do not screw with it and do not change anything. There are reasons the pack was designed the way it was.

This is the video which runs with your image. I suggest you watch it and the second video,

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