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Labview enjoys a perceived advantage with certain managers for being very easy to write complex programs.

In reality, since it is not a procedure based scheme, anything involving a sequential series of steps is difficult to code. Maintainability is also a challenge as comments are difficult to employ, and code may only be viewed inside the design environment in little slices.


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What is the standard or use of labview software what makes it to stand in industries?
I could talk for hours about this....but I won't. The real advantage of Labview is that you can reprogram it VERY quickly. It is very well suited to process control....nothing quite like it. It's not the fastest program in the world, but most process control doesn't need extreme speed. When used for data acqusition, all the fast processing is done in the DAQ card, which can then hand the data off to the slower Labview. I actually love Labview. We configured all of Hipas Observatory to run off of Labview.


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Which micro is best for it?
Arduino or PIC micro?
Neither. It needs a Windows operating system underneath it.

It may work with Linux or a Mac too, I am not sure. There was once a version that would write code for an FPGA though I know very little about that one.

It is completely unsuitable for small embedded work.