Quantum Internet Going Commercial Within Two Years

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Hello there,

There have been many recent advances in quantum computing I'd have to post here probably every day to mention them as they unfold, but here is one of huge significance (not that the others are not significant though many are). It is the quantum internet we see now coming into place as many have speculated in the past.
This one company says they will have a commercial quantum modem ready within two years.
I am not sure yet if they broke the distance limit yet though so it may be subject to some kind of localization.

The company is called QphoX, and here is a link for more reading...


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Quantum Computing has already been implemented into the New QFS (Quantum-Financial-System),
which will be announced sometime this year,
it will render all of our thoroughly corrupt Banks obsolete,
as well as those of all other Countries.

Quantum Computing has already been applied to the Voting System in the USA,
which will also be announced sometime this year, and which,
will eliminate the massive fraudulent Voting-Practices
which have been running rampant in this Country for over ~60-years.

All are under the control of the US Military Forces, NOT Politicians.


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Hype, hype, hype. We're at least decades away from a practical quantum computer (let alone a "quantum internet"), and any such computer will be extremely specialized and domain-specific. Investors are buying the hype, thinking they're getting in on the ground floor of a computing revolution that will transform the world. But the "killer app" of QC is the ability to simulate complex quantum systems, which is useful but not particularly monetizable. The inevitable hype-hangover and backlash will only hurt the field.