PWM interlock and dead time question

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Hi all, am curious about several aspects of this topic. Currently, I have 4 individual PWM signals coming from MCU and into an interlock circuit, I built that goes towards my gate drivers for my h-bridge. The logic is set up in a way that if both signals are high nothing is going to output on top and bottom, my concern is, do I still need dead time in this case? All the dead-time circuits I have seen online seem to give up individual control of 2 signals and just use 1 PWM signal to output 2 separate signals and I don't want to do that as I would like to control my signals individually. I am using an Arduino for prototyping and there seems to be no concrete answer or way to obtain dead time through that.


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The reason for dead time is that without, it is likely that both the top and bottom FETs will be on for a short time. This not good.
We don't have a schematic, probably you need dead time from Top to Bottom FETs and not from Left to Right FETs.