Push button actuator force

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Hello, I’m searching for a small (on)-off push button switch with 20N or more force required for actuation, where can I find such a switch?


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If you mean 20 Newtons of force - that's roughly 4 1/2 pounds of force. That seems like a lot of required force to actuate a switch. Sorry, I don't know where you can find such a switch unless you want to find some sort of pressure switch. Of course you could get a spring with the force you want and place a switch at the bottom of it. The plunger of the switch would stand inside the spring. When the weight requirement is reached the switch will activate. I would also suggest a pressure limit - or bump stop so you don't inadvertently overly stress the switch with too much force.


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Look to manufacturer's data sheets, names like Cherry Switch, NKK Switch, C&K Switch, Grayhill and others come to mind. Look in their data sheets for "actuating force" and I have to agree if you rae talking 20 Newtons is a pretty heavy push button switch considering that is 4.5 US Lbs and push button switch activation force is normally measured in fractional parts of one lb but some I have seen at a little over maybe 2 Lbs.



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If it really is 20 newtons, then it sounds like a foot switch?
Agreed. Try looking in an automotive supply store that specializes in parts for really old cars. My dad's 1951 Ford had a switch like that for dimming the headlights lights. That was before they started mounting controls on the steering column.