Purest Brand of Isopropyl Alcohol?

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Is there any way to tell which brands of rubbing alcohol contain the least impurities (99% IPA of course)? Obviously this might help the longevity of the components/pcb that I clean it with.



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To begin with, there is a difference between Isopropyl alcohol and Rubbing alcohol which typically is made from 70% denatured ethanol and other ingredients. Which may include methlyisobutylketone, acetone, perfumes, coloring agents, witch hazel, mineral oil, etc. Isopropyl Alcohol to truly be pure would have USP on it's label. Read the label! For cleaning purposes you want 70% or better Isopropyl and the only other ingredient should be water and will say so on the label.


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Walmart's Equate brand of Iso is 91% pure with the remainder just water. It is in the pharmacy area intended as a wound sterlizer, but cleans boards too.


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I have several bottles of 91% isopropyl I picked up from my local grocery store's drugstore section - brand is TopCare (the same stuff as the Equate brand mentioned above, different label). I find the 91% stuff is a LOT harder to find on the shelf vs. the normal 70% stuff... probably because of all the 'human malware' going around...

I also have a bottle of DLX brand fuel line deicer which may well be the 99% stuff (it just says: 'Contains Isopropyl alcohol' and no other ingredients are mentioned); when I worked as a meter tech, we had a a full box of these bottles in the shop and always had a bottle on hand in our vans.

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I bought isopropyl alcohol rated at 99% and 1% water at a local drugstore. Its label says it can be an antiseptic or a solvent.
I would never clean something that has a rubbing oil in it.

Put some of your rubbing alcohol on a window to see how clean it makes it look.


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Put some of your rubbing alcohol on a window to see how clean it makes it look.
After using an alcohol prep swab for my weekly injection site I used it to "clean" my plastic lens glasses. I thought it had eaten the plastic there was so much crap after wiping. Luckily it was only the "other" ingredients in the alcohol prep swab that is left behind on the lenses!


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In the lab we use pure ethanol for cleaning boards and optics. it may cost more but avoids water. Industrial gallon containers with certs. For home use buy some PGA. If you tend toward being an alky then don't temp yourself, buy the poisionous version.


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If you tend toward being an alky then don't temp yourself, buy the poisionous version.
In my first college chem course, they used ethanol in the lab wash bottles. Curiously I asked the professor about it. He laughed and said "we make our own and denature it with phenolphthalein (active ingredient in laxatives used as a pH indicator in labs). That way when someone steals it they will only wish they were dead instead of dying."


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We bought all of our 99.9% isopropanol alcohol in 5 gallon containers from a chemical supply house. I would think any industrial chemical supply house would have it and any medical supply house should have it. A 5.0 USG container was between $250 to $300 USD and a 55 USG stainless steel drum was about $750 USD plus. You can find small quantities online using Google. The reality is the common 70% you get at a local drug store or pharmacy will do just as well for your application as the 99% expensive stuff. Wash the pcb and allow adequate drying.