Pulsed DC RLC circuit resonance-Revisited

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Indeed. And you can excite (R)LC circuits to "ring" at any harmonic of the pulse base frequency. (if the duty cycle is 50%, you can only get odd harmonics, but if it is anything else, you can also get even harmonics. And if it's a very very short pulse, you can get ALL harmonics.

Hey Eric, may you please give some references about this concept?
I'm looking for the math involved in this, both for series and parallel RLC where a pulsed DC is issued. Thank you.

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A perfect square wave (one with infinitely steep vertical slopes on the rise and fall) will generate an infinite number of odd harmonics of the repetition rate (fundamental frequency). The harmonics are ONLY generated during the rise and fall....the upper and lower (steady state) horizontal portions are DC which have no harmonic components.