Pulse vs wire size

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Welder. Spot welder to be exact. Each trigger pull is set to (2) pulses @ 60 amps. And each part it’s used on requires two spots to be welded. So my question is (the voltage drop is not a factor) what is the minimum size wire that can be ran to the spot welder using these specs?


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Wire sizes are based on the heating effect of the current passed (where voltage drop is unimportant), therefore if in a 14 second period, rated current is only flowing for 4 seconds, you can effectively de-rate the peak current by 0.29; giving 15.7A as an average value.

Therefore 1.5mm^2 or 14AWG wire should suffice in terms of the heating effect, but you might like to consider a larger wire size for its mechanical properties; and don’t forget if you were to pass 54A for an extended period you might find that the cable completely loses any insulation covering and starts a fire.