Pulling energy from a fridge to feed an arduino

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Hello Guys! I working in a project with a fridge and I having some issues with derivating energy from power source. I need to feed an arduino, so I need to connect an 5 volts power source in this arduino. In this project I'm considering that I dont have more than one energy plug, so I have to pull energy from the fridge cable. Im quiet unsure about how to safely pull this energy. I thought in using conectors or splicing it and then rolling it with insulated tape. Do you guys can help with this problem? Thank you!


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To pull the energy, one must use a proper HOOK :) :)
However if the wish is to make it somehow thermally, may consider the Peltier element. If laid a current, it cools, but if to cool it, it generates the electricity.


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Your line voltage is what? My line voltage is 120 VAC 60 Hz. and I would just buy something along these lines and safely hard wire it into the refrigerator power in line. Most appliances have the power in run to a terminal strip. I would start there. The link is merely an example. I have a similar unit made by Belkin.