PTC for pasting on CHG/DSG mosfet for overtemperature protection

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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1. I have made a ckt on Bq40z50-R1. PTC is used for protection of thermal runaway of CHG/DSG mosfets.

2. Datasheet recommends PRF18BA103QB1RB, whose datasheet can be found here:

3. But I was looking for some thorugh hole PTC. Problem, is I am making this circuit for 15A current, So major current flows through CHG/DSg fets & tracks around are bigger, so I wont be able to closely place SMD PTC in close vicinity of fets. So I think in this case SMD ptc wont be able to serve anything here.

4. I was looking something in this shape so that I can mount them on top of fets. This is NTC.

5. I serached on digikey, but didnt find any suitable part.

6. Any recommended part?