PSU recommendation for solenoids

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I am going to drive 8 of these solenoids at 12VDC, with a single relay for each of them. I've measured them to 0,8A at 12DC, but lets say 1,0A to have some headroom. Each of them are turned on for maximum 100ms, with a pause down to 150ms. Mostly they will be turned on at an irregular frequency, but sometimes they will all be in sync for around 5 minuttes.

I have a hard time calculating the actual current need, and I do not want to buy a 150W PSU if I do not need to.

So my question is, what kind of PSU is recommended to drive these solenoids?
Should I also use some kind of capacitor bank to have a current reservoir ?
Or should I use multiple PSU's to even out the load?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


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8 solenoids at 1A each would require 96W from the PSU if they were all operated at the same time.
From your description there is no reason why you could not use multiple supplies.