Protection of thermistor Analog input

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Hi There

I would need some tips to implement a protection circuit for analogs input hooked up to 3 feet long wired thermistors.
The analog board environment is gonna be inside of a AC package unit. In there there're compressors, fans motors
and many relays and contactors.
Which is the optimal way to protect against EFT, EMC ,ESD and Surge transient events?
Analog device has a chip ADG5412F-EP, but it's specified for 12, 15, 20 and 24 VCC, my circuit works at maximum 9 V vcc.
Some suggestion?
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Per the Data Sheet
6. The ADG5412F-EP can be operated from a dual supply of ±5 V up to ±22 V or a single power supply of +8 V up to +44 V