Proper USB Hub device for connection with Arduino Due microcontroller and video camera scheme

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My project assembly casing box consists of Arduino Due micro-controller, which control motors and PC video camera. Below I drew required communication scheme.

I'm wondering, which UBS Hub can help me to get this connection correctly.

On scheme Male-Male 3.0 or 2.0 USB Type A wire from PC connected with some USB hub, which must be cased inside assembly box and include Female 3.0 or 2.0 USB ports, connected with Arduino Due micro-controller and video camera:

Expected desired result is to get port reading availability COM6 or COM7 for controller, and getting camera device in device manager, same way as if it were connected separately with two USB wires directly to laptop.

The most desirable device is a variant A, but as a last resort I can use variant B with wire from Hub to PC:

I'm never worked USB hub, and don't have any to test, so I want to be on correct direction to get proper one. First of all, I doubt about device choose, because, for example, I've tried to use male-female USB cable switch, for another reason, to avoid multiple connecting and disconnecting of wire, but this connection caused the problem of reading the COM port.

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Pretty much any hub with the right connectors will work. I don't think you will find a hub with a type A connector for the connection between the PC and the hub out there like you are showing in your drawing.

Edit -- I just realized I was a bit vague. The B side of the drawing is what you'll normally find. The A side I haven't seen, but who knows.
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