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Hi all, I am working on a my car which is a hobby of mine. I have decided to install power folding mirrors. I have done this on one of my previous cars which was pretty simple, however with my car now, which is way more advance, I am tackling this project. I have a couple friends helping me and I am looking for other help/assistance/advice. So here goes...

I am tackling this project using the OEM power folding switch which is a simple push button switch. The mirrors work on reverse polarity so all the switch is essentially doing is bringing the power to ground. The challenge is I have to make my own harness. I have come a long way since I have started this and am about half way to success. I am at the point where I can get the mirrors to fold in, however I cannot get them to fold out without manually reversing polarity. I have a couple friends helping me and have a circuit diagram that is the closest thing I have had to get working. I am looking for any assistance or advice. Things to change or test. Here is the diagram;

3x Auto Relay
2x 10K Resistor
1x 100K Resistor
NPN Transistor (4401)
Toggle Flip Flop (NTE) 754

I am using ACC (12V) for my power. I have an Alligator clip clipped on to my ground. The wire labeled Pin 9 is what is going to go to the switch. For testing purposes, I simply apply that wire to ground and the mirrors fold in and release the wire when the motion is complete. The outcome I'm looking for is if I was to push the button again, the polarity reverses and the windows fold open, however this is where I am stuck and nothing happens.

Can anyone help me in terms of the circuit and tell me if this is close to my desired outcome? Any input?


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Here is a site that may provide you with some assistance: Electro Tech Online

Good luck.
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