Programming PIC16C620A

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Hi guys,

I'm attempting to programme the PIC16C620A with either PIK3 or PIK4, but neither appears to support this chip.

Is there any way to do it?



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There's a way but you would be better off upgrading to a newer chip. The 16C620A is a truly ancient One Time Programmable part that can be programmed with the obsolete Promate II or PICstart Plus and the current PM3 programmers. The PICkits won't program it.

If you must use the 16C620A for repair to an existing device and you have the .HEX file,, you might ask around locally to see if any old guys still have one of those programmers (I still do..). Check uCHIP's website for design partners in your area that might help. Call the local sales office or FAE. They may be able to help. I've seen PICstart Plus on Ebay from time to time.

There are some options on the uCHIP page including a programming service. Page&utm_medium=CTA&utm_campaign=Get Started Programming Now

Sorry not to have better news.
Good luck!

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The 16C620 chip seems to be pin compatible with the 16F628A, which has a few more functions and more memory. But one should be able to program around those extra features (or ignore them).
All depends if you are looking at a DIP version or surface mount version of the 16C620.
People will still say the 16F628A is ancient as well, but it is supported by PK2 and PK3, and can still be found on some sites. Digikey has some in stock in 18 pin DIP or 18 pin SOIC or 20 pin SSOP
Main thing to watch is clock, the 16C620 is rated up to 40Mhz, while the 16F628A is only up to 20Mhz.
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Microchip suggests 16F15243 as the replacement.
But if the original was an 18 pin, the new 16F15243 does not come in such a pinout (only 20 pin) and would not be of use without redesigning the board/socket. We are all guessing a bit, as we don't really know the full original part number (type of pins) of the 16C620. The 16C620 PDIP came in 18 pin, the SSOP was 20 pin, but pinouts of the 20 pin are way different than the 16F15243