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    Feb 10, 2012
    I have one micro controller Atmega16A and wish to program it. I tried to follow nice instructions in the following link:: Apparently I am making some error(s) as it doesn't get programmed. I checked averdude.conf and it has the correct signature. I am keeping default signatures.I am choosing Atmega16(internal 8 MHz clock), using breadboard for Atmega16A with Arduino Uno board. I am trying to understand how the programming works with AVR ISP.Please correct me if I am having a wrong impression(which is also very likely with my limited knowledge)-essential components for a successful programming are (i) proper( related to particular MC being programmed) part in board.txt., averdude.conf and proper entries in Header file. Header files are located in C:\Program Files\Arduino1.0.5\hardware\arduino\variants in different folders.Folder names appear to be associated with class of avr MCs.My question is- there is a folder named mega and contains a file pin_arduino.h. Would this be also good for Atmega16A? If the answer is yes then my search for error(s) would be to first two.