Programming a Realtek RTL8762AJ

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Hi All,
I have recently bought a cheap fitness tracker with the aim of reprogramming it to do my bidding, the device I bought said it had a nRF5x based uC (that I would normally program via SWD port and either a Black Magic Probe or the JLink included on the Nordic DK boards) However when I opened the fitness tracker I found a RTL8762AJ.
Internet searching does not reveal a whole lot of information for this device, and what I did find is mostly in Chinese. I have found the SDK and located the Datasheet here
However even with this data I'm struggling to figure out how to program it, I read in the Datasheet that is SWD compatible, but what pin's do I use for SWDIO/SWCLK? And would I use the same process to upload code as with the nRF uC's?

Any help would be great... many thanks.