problem with the velleman k8055 instructions

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I have sent an email to velleman regarding hard to understand instructions for the above computer board. If anybody on this forum have used the velleman usb experiment interface board they may be able to explain what the instructions mean? Here is a copy of the email;

Hi, I don’t understand the instructions for using this board. I have downloaded the software which is now on my desktop.
1. What does tick off sk5 and sk6 mean(see address selection)? There is no section in the book for “address selection”. ”. The book says to execute these instructions before connecting the kit to the computer.
2. The instructions go on to say ‘connect the usb cable and start the program’. Then it says press the connect button to connect the k8055 with the computer. I can’t see any connect button on the board.
My operating system is windows 10. I want to use Arduino programming which is the same as c++ which the instructions say can be used. I don’t want to use Microsoft visual basic which is awful.
Looking forward to your assistance. Thanks.


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There is a newer "N" version of the board, with updated software for PC. Seems to work on windows 10 and claims to work with older hardware. Unzip the software and find the user manual.

SK5 and SK6 are tick boxes on the windows demo app, as is the connect button. Run the demo app first (as stated in instructions) and copy the .dll file as instructions say.

Downloads can be found here:

I threw my K8055 away. It served no useful purpose