Problem with LED strips. My LEDs only turn a low light red.

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I bought a new case for my computer with some led strips. I have a usb output from my computer to the RGBW LED controller that connects to 2 LED light strips + 3 case fans with RGB. All connected to the 1 usb output. All the 5 rgb lights turn a low light red and if I switch to green or blue they just turn off. I thought this has something to do with the power?


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You are sure the strips are designed for 5 Volt USB operation and consider USB ports for 5 volts have limits on the current they can provide. Case fans I don't get as the few LED illuminated case fans I have used ran off of 12 Volts. Do you have any links to either the LED strips or the case fans?



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Power could be the issue, but we need more info to say for sure. Try plugging it into a USB 3 port if it's not already as you may get more power than you would from a USB 2 or lower port. Typically red LEDs have lower forward voltage than green or blue (they'll work with lower voltage supply) so that could indicate that you're on the edge of not enough power, but we need more info.