Problem with Clamp meter (Benning)

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    Nov 4, 2016
    Hello guys!

    I have a digital clamp meter (Benning CM 1-2, I have uploaded two photos of the pcb board) and it has two problems:

    1. The Clamp meter's two cables are disconnected from the PCB board and I don't know where exactly to solder them. However I have seen two possible pins on the board (I marked them with a red circle) that might be the right place for the two wires

    2. The device does not turn on. Even with new batteries, when I turn it on nothings happen in the screen.

    I have uploaded two photos. Have you any idea?

    Thank you very much in advance
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  2. pfofit

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    Nov 29, 2006
    Can you show the markings of the connections on the other side without the beeper in the way.

    There appears from your slightly out of focus image to be some crud/ mold on the cpu pins and elsewhere which may be shorting out stuff
    If it is there and not just lighting on the poor focus, you need to clean this up with some Isopropyl and a q tip etc. (as high as % you can get cause the rest is just water and you don't want that )
    Rotate the wet swab down and away from the chip with the board at an angle. You don't want to wash the crap under the chip. After a couple washes with different swabs let it dry up.
    Show a more in focus pic.