Problem in LTSpice chaotic memristor simulation

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Hello everyone,

I try to simulate in LTspice a chaotic memristor circuit but I always end up with getting only DC signals while I try to obtain the desired chaotic attractor. I also use the AD633 spice model in the circuit (I don't know if that's the problem I just mention it). I will attach the file below if anyone wants to check it out.

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If I'm not mistaken, in your schematic you're emulating a memristor's behavior (thus the need for AD633)? While I've never built the attractor circuit (I've simulated a similar circuit called "Chua's Circuit," on which your circuit seems to be based), I've actually physically built the memristor emulator circuit (using the AD633), and it is very challenging to properly get working, so the memristor emulator section of your circuit might be the source of the issues.

I would recommend is to try to get your memristor emulator simulating properly separately from the rest of the circuit before incorporating it into the chaos circuit (I'm assuming you know how to test and what to look for to confirm the memristor is properly working?). Keep in mind that, even if the emulator simulates properly, you may still have issues with the chaos circuit, as chaotic attractor simulators are very sensitive to component values and even time step choice.

If the emulator works, but the chaos circuit doesn't, you may want to consider using a memristor SPICE model rather than an emulator, and see if that works, as there may be other factors in the emulator affecting the behavior of the rest of the circuit.