Problem in heart beat sensor goes bpm 200+

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I was working on a project in which I am using a pulse sensor. But i am not getting proper readings of BPM. It is not stable. The readings are varying between 50 to 200 BPM. Sometimes it goes above 200 BPM as well. my idle sensor signal is 342 and goes when we keep finger upto 640 now how much threshold should i give and i cannot able to tune it.

Can someone please guide me to get the proper readings. It will be very helpful.


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If you can tell us what the sensor is and what you are using to read it, and maybe a circuit diagram, we may be able to offer you some advice.


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First, we have not one word of information about the circuits involved with the application, nor about whatever is displaying the pulse rate. This only allows random guesses as to the cause.
So I suggest providing a lot more details and the circuit schematics because very few experts here are mind readers.