Practical Examples to test the Machine Vibration using Wireless Vibration Sensor

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I need some Vibration test examples with Practical formula which help me to manipulate the raw data which I have retrieved from wireless vibration sensor and with the help of node red will display the data in the dashboard.

Any advice on this will be very useful.


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You need to provide much more information.
I have no idea what you are trying to do?

Ok, you have some data, what are you tying to measure? Detect? Analyze?


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OK, you have a 3 Axis sensor and the actual complete unit is based on this chip. You plan to write your software using Node Red which is just a graphical development environment to put things together.

The data should be self explanatory if you are collecting temperature, humidity and g force as measured on the three axis. Incidentally +/- 17g is pretty severe vibration and I am not sure how they derive the considering sensing chip, the LSM9DS1 has a linear acceleration full scale of ±2g/±4g/±8/±16 g,

So using Node Red you build your GUI (Dashboard) you monitor data and I guess if you want store the collected data collecting at a sample rate of your choosing. The sensor is sending I2C packets. The sensor should have a data sheet with detailed instructions as to reading the data. I have never used that sensor or code red. The problem being I doubt anyone will understand what you are asking.