practical component search for building a circuit

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Hello, i am trying to practically implement the circuit shown bellow,taken from the attached article.
I have never done such athng i only made spice simulations.
The circuit functions at 10Ghz
There is this companny which produces coax LNA and coax ciculator at 10GHZ.
but i need also a phase shifter ,attenuator ,combiner ,DBM mixer etc.. which will match the components already picked.
Any recomentations regarding components tht could function together?

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I don't have specific component recommendations, but I do have some company recommendations you could look at for parts (though some are focused more on the chiplet/wafer manufacturing, and others focused on connectors/interconnects, so some may be less useful than others):
Mini Circuits
Fairview Microwave
Southwest Microwave
Amphenol RF
Marki Microwave
There are a few others that we use at work for this kind of stuff, but I can't remember them off the top of my head. If you need PCBs qualified for RF, then I'd recommend Cirexx, using RO-4350b for your board material (or similar).


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Fairview has a few phase shifters that go up to 18 GHz that are connectorized (SMA connectors - which is compatible with 3.5- and 2.92-mm connectors. SMA is good up to 18 GHz, 3.5 up to 34 GHz, and 2.92 up to 40 GHz), while Qorvo has a wider variety with a large range of max frequency, but are intended for PCB mounting. It depends on if you want digital or analog phase shifters, if you want discrete steps or continuously-adjustable, and how much work/money you want to put into designing/building the system.


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You probably would have to contact the manufacturer for that particular EVB.
Here's a similar board on Digikey - a different chip, but about the same performance.