Powering my project, need help plz

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I just finished my rgb controller that works with pc via an Arduino nano. I use mosfets to use the higher current, for powering the rgb ledstrip I need 12V DC and around 0,700 A. I don't have any adaptors/transformers laying around that would work out.

What would be the best place to buy one? Is there anyway around using another one and modifying it ?


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What are your size limits? One option is to get a discarded PC and use its power supply. I still use one.

Another option is MPJA or Jameco/ Each has lots of inexpensive supplies

http://www.jameco.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreCatalogDrillDownView?langId=-1&storeId=10001&catalogId=10001&categoryName=category_root&subCategoryName=Power Supplies & Wall Adapters&category=45

You will need to choose between an open chassis, enclosed unit, or wall wart.

There are also numerous surplus dealers, like Electronic Goldmine, Allelectronics, and Surplus Center.

Finally, you could consider a battery charger. If you go that route, I recommend using a 12V regulator.



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Use an atx psu, or laptop psu.
Laptop PSU's are usually 16-19V. I don't think he needs that much.

An ATX PSU is often load-dependent. You might have to put a load resistor on the 5V to get the 12V to work.

Better to find a 12V brick somewhere. Any electronic catalog will have one, surplus store will have one even cheaper.


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For what it's worth, the power supplies that ship with a lot of computer peripherals (hard drives, routers) are 12V and are rated to supply 1A or more. If you have an electronics recycling spot anywhere nearby, you can probably grab a few of them for free.