powering my new project with lithium cell

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I am in the process of designing and building a portable metronome.

I would like to power it with a 3.7v 1000mAh li battery.

I have a couple of practical problems with this.

firstly how do I attach the cell to my circuit?

and secondly how do I attach my charger?



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Lithium batteries are sold in hobby stores for models. They are Li-PO and come with a connector. Your project can use the same connector (it can come with attached wires) they sell that is on the chargers they sell.



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I've done a number of projects each using a 18650 battery. You can use the cheap and easy to get TP4056 module which has battery protection and a USB power in for charging. For 1000mah you will need to change a resistor to adjust the charging current. plenty of youtube videos on this.

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The Lithium battery charger circuit is supposed to sense that the charging current gets low then it shuts off.
But if the battery is powering a load and the charger cannot sense low current then it might over-charge the battery which is dangerous (fire and/or explosion).