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I have a servo controller (SSC-32) which is connected to an audio circuit (AAEF) to convert audio to aa DC envelope. This latter circuit also contains an amplifier, based on the LM386, which drives a small speaker.

I am adding an Arduino Mega to the mix and I am a little confused as how to power the modules together. Both the Arduino Mega and the SSC-32 have on board 5v voltage regulators, which can be bypassed. The AAEF requires regulated 5vdc. The servos are currently powered by the SSC-32 power supply.


It's not an ideal arrangement. The servos probably should have their own power source. And at 5v, they are a little underpowered but are within operating range (voltage range is 4.8-6vdc). If all my servos were to operate - I'd need to supply 1.65A at a minimum (based on no load running rating) This could cause a voltage sag to the microprocessor - depending on the power supply.

My dilemma is coming up with a power distribution topology. I have a 1A power supply, or I could continue to use the PC power supply - but I don't want to. The objective is to make this a s small and self contained as possible. I'd prefer batteries if I could get sufficient run time. At a minimum, I'd like to get rid of the bulky PC power supply.

Here is my first run at a topology. Note the comments about m/f connections are included for another reason. If you can help me see improvements, we'd be appreciative if you shared them.
Besides, who wants to see a penguin with a power cord up its butt.