Powering Multiple DC Devices

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I want to apologize for having my first post be so long. Since I am not sure where to start, I thought it might be beneficial to explain the whole problem
I am designing/building a fly pack for my video gear. The pack is built in an 8U - 15” deep case that contains a number of Blackmagic Design (BMD) products, a Clear-com Intercom base unit and four Ensemble Design, BrightEye (BE) products. The problem I am running into is placing all of the power bricks and wall warts into the case.
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  • The BMD Smartview monitor has a very large wall wart that plugs into the rear of the Furman M-8Dx power conditioner. The power conditioner is not as deep as the units below it so the wall wart contacts the piece of equipment below preventing the plug from going in straight or at all. The switcher I am currently using is only 2 inches deep. The replacement switch is 9.25" deep, which is deeper than the Furman's 7.5inches.
  • Each BrightEye product has a separate power brick. This takes up a good amount of room in the case and 4 outlets on the power conditioner
  • The Netgear switch has a large power brick because it is a POE switch. The benefit is I am able to power two pieces of equipment (BMD WebPresenter & Hyperdeck) POE, so they aren’t plugged into the power conditioner, the downside is the size of the PS and power draw.

I am trying to come up with a solution that will eliminate as many of the power supplies and heavy power cables as possible and will take up less room in the case.

Proposed Solution:
  • Mean Well GST220A12-R7B 220W AC-DC Power Adapter. This is a 15A rated power supply. The amp rating on 4 of the 5 units that would be connected to this power supply are rated at 12v / 2.5A. The fifth unit (Netgear power brick) is rated at 54V / 2.4A. This "Mean Well" unit is physically smaller than the combined 4 (BE) and Netgear units.

Netgear: Voltage 54V = Volts 129.6 Watts
Current: 2.4A = Amps
BMD/BE per: Voltage 12V = Volts 30.0 Watts
Current: 2.5A = Amps
Total Watts 250

  • Is it possible to use a Drok Buck Converter to stepdown the amperage output to 2.5A and run multiple units from one Buck converter, those with the same rating? Run three or four plugs for connecting the BrightEye and BMD equipment.
  • The specs on the Netgear switch's power supply is what I understand the least. It is rated to output 54v, which I assume is used as more items are added on and use POE power. I would assume I need a second converter that is set to output 54v at an Amp output of 2.4. Two items that will use POE (BMD Hyperdeck and SDI Distro) are rated at 16 watts of POE power each so the switch would use minimal POE power.
The two Buck converters would be installed in a small project box with an input for the Meanwell Power Supply, and 4 outputs for the various DC equipment. I don’t necessarily need a readout of any type, because once everything is dialed in there would be no need to make changes unless a New/Different piece of equipment is introduced into the system. This would, for the most part, be a fixed system.