stepdown converter

  1. D

    Step Down Circuit help

    So, I'm replacing my head unit with a raspberry pi4 and a touch screen. I plan to have a switch for running it off the car battery without a key. and some type of warning system to say if the battery is getting too low to start the car. The car would supply 12V 15 A on accessorie and 10 A...
  2. D

    Burned step down transformer 220v to 110v

    Hello, I have bought a Wii console with a non working power adapter. After checking out the adapter I found that the issue was that it has a 120v input and probably was plugged in a 220v. To fix it, I replaced a Varistor, a Fuse and a 200v 180uf Capacitor. The power adapter is rated at 120v and...
  3. R

    Step-Down Converter Circuit Works on Breadboard but Not PCB

    Hello all! I have a problem where my step-down converter circuit works on my breadboard but not on my PCB. Essentially, I'm using a Teensy 3.2, a stepper motor, a stepper driver, a CANBus driver, and an encoder to be able to control a stepper motor and get position data over CANBus. I have it...
  4. poucedeleon

    Powering Multiple DC Devices

    I want to apologize for having my first post be so long. Since I am not sure where to start, I thought it might be beneficial to explain the whole problem I am designing/building a fly pack for my video gear. The pack is built in an 8U - 15” deep case that contains a number of Blackmagic Design...