Powering a light string with car battery

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Hello everyone,
I hope that you’re all doing well.

I have a question regarding powering a light string with LED bulbs using the car battery for camping.

Actually I don’t know the connection of the light string whither it is in series or parallel. But it consists of 60 LED bulbs, each with 5W-3W and it works well with the electricity from the outlet (AC 220-240 50Hz).

I had an inverter of 500W and connected it to my car battery 12V DC, the inverter worked well (inverter led turned on) but once I connected the light string to the inverter, the lights turned on for 1 second and then turned off.

The led light of the inverter kept blinking on and off indicating that there is something wrong.

Can you help mwe with this?



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Does inverter put out 220 VAC ? If 100 string, being designed for
220, may not have enough voltage to run string.

5W LED may have a Vf of ~ 3V or more, so thats 180 V if all connected in series.

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Mod Note:
The TS should be aware that the output of 230Vac inverter, even though its powered from a 12V car battery, can give a person a lethal electric shock.
So he should ensure that the final assembly is electrically safe for himself and others.



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That's a heck of a lot of power to take from a car battery continuously 5W x60 = 300W

I expect when you conect the lights the battery voltage drops too low hence the flashing inverter light

Do you really need all that light??? I would buy a 12 V adhesive led strip (around 50W) and connect direct to battery