PowerDrive 2000--OPP

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I have a PowerDrive 2000 that I used for about a year and a half. It worked fine. Then one day it sounded the alarm and the readout said OPP.

I read up on OPP. The problem is that the unit was idling when it sounded off. Nothing was plugged into it. I shut it off for a while and turned it back on. It worked fine--for a couple weeks. It happened again. Again I shut it off and let it sit for a while. Again it worked.

The problem got worse each time it happened. Then, one day, it displayed OPP and stayed that way.

I'd like to bypass whatever circuit is causing the unit to shut down because of OPP. I use the unit for very small loads--about 100 to 200 watts, although I occasionally use it for 800 watts. It does not shut down under load. It shuts down all by itself.

How do I disconnect the so-called safety OPP circuit?